Seabourn Quest 1/2 World Cruise January 5th - February 27th 2012
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The Full Seabourn Fleet There We Are - Halfway Across The Atlantic The Crowds Start To Gather Members of 'The Caviar' Team The 'Caviar Defenders' The 'Rob Roys' John And The Captain Getting The Warzone Ready Ready For Battle Take The Strain Zorras Right A Bit Please... ...And Pull Now The 'Zulu Pursers' Get Ready... ...And Zulu Murat Falls On His Butt OK...Let's Try That Again Team Captain's Wife Looks Amused Next It's 'The Skimmers' Against The 'High C's' A Crew Member Has A Bad Hair Day Whilst Flying The Seabourn Flag That's No Place For A Bridge Officer...Perhaps He Should Be A Deck Officer!! Strange Old Man Half Asleep 'Pancakes' Taking The Strain And Their 'Heavyweight' Captain Valentina Gets Ready Pull... Belindah From 'Caviar' Ah...He's Awake Now 'Rob Roys' Taking The Strain 'The Pancakes' Assess The Opposition Exec Chef Graeme Serves His Orders Getting Ready The Captain Adjudicates And John Disagrees They Check The Rule Book He Won't Use That Hair Colour Again Now It's The 'Blue Boys' Turn Please Let The Entertainers Win Hmm...Nice Moves Captain!! The 'Pancakes' Come Second ...And The Winners Are... The Bar Department...The Rob Roys Well Done Boys...Drinks All Round Where's Wally? The Rope Comes To Rest...Helen's Artistic Moment!!...Job Done.