Seabourn Quest 1/2 World Cruise January 5th - February 27th 2012
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With Our Own Limes The Proof Cheers Folks Samba Lesson Number Two Getting Easier Olé Perfecto!! My Little Mermaid First View Of The Sugar Loaf Sugardaddy...And... ...Sugarbabe Other Guests Watching Our Arrival To Rio First View Of Rio City Cable Car Up The Mountain Right A Bit Please Captain!! Copacabana Beach Connecting Bridge It's Love But You Can't Have My Drink The First Portuguese Governor's Mansion House Vance Watchng For Brazilian Birds... Plane Lands At Aeroport National Military Island A Helen Artistic Moment Coming Into Dock Mysterious Looking Cloud Forms...Or So We Thought!! First View Of Christ The Redeemer A Meal Under The Stars?... ...No Not In This Rain Valentina Gets Ready To Serve Our Food Well Done Team Ok For Us Though We're Nice And Dry Later At The Samba Show Our Samba Teachers Perform Move Those Hips Girl And You Boy Nice View!! Samba Finale Strutting Their Stuff That's All Folks