Seabourn Quest 1/2 World Cruise January 5th - February 27th 2012
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Our Tour Coach...Oh...Have Fun!! The Old Clock Tower In Penang Taxi? Don't Jump... On Our Way To The Temples Nice Legs Dragon Guarding The Temple On Guard Not A Dragon!! More Guards What Can We Say The World's 4th Largest Reclining Buddha Nice Teeth...And You Vance Hey Dumbo The Temple Floor The Temple Walls Covered In Gold Leaf The Top Of The Buddha... ...The Other End More Teeth Should Have Used Factor 50 A Vance Doorway Shot Ashes To Ashes We're Both 1952...So We're Dragons One Of The Chinese 12 Shrines...The Dragon Peace Sister The Reclining Buddha's Feet Outside Of The Other Temple Now The Back Of Vance's Head...Get A Cap On Baldy!! Serene Hands Off Helen Gets Blessed Vance Helps Out Chocolate Elephant? A Vance Artistic Moment Along The Coast To The Batik Workshop Looking Back To Georgetown Penang Coastline The Hot Wax Is Applied To Make The Shape For The Batik Then The Colours Are Applied All By Hand A Batik Print Block Finished Products On To The Butterfly Farm Hmm...Tasty Over A Thousand Live Species... ...Plus Some Dead Ones!! Helen Artistic Moment Swinging Hey Smiley Attracted By The Pollen Butterfly Fodder Crocodile Fish Butterflies Feeding On The Pollen Closer Landing Pad? Iguana... ...Feeding Time Local Wildlife On Our Way Back Now Back Through Georgetown