Seabourn Quest 1/2 World Cruise January 5th - February 27th 2012
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Maputo Local Market Piled High Ready To Go Enough To Make Your Eyes Water Arts & Crafts Think One Would Suit Me? Look Out...Rattlers Browsing Catholic Cathedral Inside Picture Of Helen Taking A Picture And Beautiful Stained Glass Windows ...And More... ...And More A Vance Doorway Shot French Cultural Centre The 'House Of Iron' Where The Walls Are Made From Sheets Of Steel Portuguese Art Deco Building And The Sky Is Up There Pink Art Deco Apartment Block We Met A Strange Skinny Family At The Arts Market!! Posters For Sale Catholic Cathedral Known Locally As 'The Lemon Squeezer' Inside The Squeezer Looking Vertically Up Serene Later At The Beach But The Tide's Out Mosaics By Local Art Students Monument To World War 1 Fallen Soldiers Represented By A Mythological African Woman  Slaying A Snake Taxi!! Inside The Railway Station Built By Gustave Eiffel Platform 1 Casey Jones Aboard The Old 4 Wheeled Train Justine Our Backup Photographer The 10 Wheeled Version Built In Mons - Belgium Tick Tock On Our Way Out Of The Station